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The Problem

Every day thousands of people are surfing traffic exchanges.
They are just clicking away to earn credits and occasional prizes.
Many of them are taking very little notice of the advertising that is being shown.

Thousands of pages are being surfed with very few people responding to the ads.

The Solution

At World Wide Traffic Exchange we have eliminated all of the distractions from the surf area.
It's all about you and what you are offering.
There is very little other than your Website for other members to look at.

Our members will be looking at your Website and, if the offer is a good one, there is every chance that our members will respond.

High Quality Surfing

At World Wide Traffic Exchange surfing is limited to just 700 pages each day.
Our members are not mindlessly surfing for hours.
Therefore, there is every chance that our members are more alert than at other TEs.

Every one of our valued members has paid to join
Every member is willing to spend money on the right offer

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